Marketing Plan

Our company can give you up-to-date information on what’s happening in the marketplace, as well as the price, financing, terms and condition of competing properties. These are key factors in getting your property sold at the best price, quickly and with minimum hassle. We will ensure your property is marketed well to maximize its exposure to other real estate agents and the public. We know when and where to market your property to generate the most interest and potential sales opportunities. When you do receive offers on your home, we will help you objectively evaluate every buyer’s proposal without compromising your goals. Throughout the selling process, we are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the next year, we can help you. Please fill out the form below to request your home’s current market value and a suggested listing price.

Ben’s objectives in marketing your home:

  • Ben’s goal is to truly care about you and to work in your very best interest with complete trustworthiness and integrity.  He provides you with the best advice you will find from anyone in this business.
  • Ben assists you in getting the most money, with the least amount of problems.
  • Ben gets as many qualified buyers into your home as possible until it is sold.
  • And above all, Ben communicates the results of his activities to you as everything unfolds.

Many agents put the listing on MLS & advertise in newspapers and on web sites. These things do not make the difference between a top performing agent and a poor performing agent. Ads only sell 3% of homes.


If you leave it up to Ben, you will not be leaving money on the table.


  • Ben Gauer is an excellent negotiator.

Drawing from many years experience in real estate, and advanced negotiating training (courses in which he was invariably one of the top negotiators), Ben is undoubtedly one of the best negotiators in our area.The benefit to you is more money in your pocket.

  • Ben Gauer has 35+ years of experience selling real estate.

Ben was the top realtor worldwide for an international real estate company and has consistently been in the top 1% for over 20 years in the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board and with his company.

He has experienced many types of buyers, realtors, offers, changing market conditions, legal issues and challenges. 
He has sold thousands of homes and encountered many situations, and has learned valuable lessons that will undoubtedly benefit you.

  • The benefit to you is legal security.

Ben has learned how to avoid pitfalls that others fall into. No one ever assumes they will have legal problems!  The question is, do you have the right person to protect you?  There is a lot more to this than just getting the house sold.  It is about protecting yourself. 

“I have seen many poorly written offers and often find myself correcting them to protect my sellers.  One wrong word can make all the difference in the world.” – Ben Gauer

  • Another benefit is financial security.

Ben has seen every type of transaction.  This is likely your biggest financial investment!  He is here to protect you from the mistakes many people make.  As a sophisticated real estate investor, people come to him for investment advice. Since he has experienced several real estate cycles since 1976, he is able to look at things much differently than most agents.  Often the advice he gives is exactly opposite to others and it has saved his clients tens of thousands of dollars. 

  • Another benefit is personal security.

We protect you and your family from the wrong type of people entering your home. No agent shows our homes without an appointment and security procedures. 

  • Another benefit is emotional security.

We take care of you and all the details.  You can sleep well.  You are in good hands when you work with us.

  • Sales Skills:  Homes are not just bought. They are sold.

We generate more showings per call and an increased probability of selling your house.  More showings translate into an increased probability of a higher purchase price.  

  • Ben Gauer graduated specializing in Appraisal.

Ben achieves a much higher level of accuracy in his market evaluations than most.
If the price is too low, you lose money. If the price is too high, you lose money because if the house is on the market too long, you often end up taking less than you could have. Is this the kind of professional you want working for you?

  • Ben can help you stage the house and get it ready so it will show its very best during the time on the market.

Ben spends as much time as is needed to go over the entire property with you, both inside and outside, to make suggestions and recommendations about your home so it will show at its very best during the time on the market. He can refer you to a professional interior designer, and will give you good advice on where to spend money and where not to spend money when it comes to preparing your home for sale.This can save you thousands of dollars and time on the market.

Ben motivates agents to show and sell your home through his many personal contacts. He has established one of the best reputations among other real estate agents and with the public and works to maintain a very good rapport with the agents that work in the area.


How does this benefit you?

  • As a result, agents and buyers view your home more favorably. It helps sell your house and for more money. When a “Ben Gauer” sign goes up in front of your house, the value of your home goes up because of his professional positioning in the market.
  • Follow-up. Ben calls and follows up with the salespeople that have shown your house to their prospective buyers.

He calls you with this very valuable feedback, and to promote the property and to defend your value in the market.

How does this benefit you?

  • This helps promote positive market perception and acceptance of our price and home. It helps achieve a higher price and a quicker sale.

If a buyer likes your house but says he can only afford to pay a price lower than what we want, we can often provide the buyer with financing that he cannot find anywhere else.

  • This results in a higher price and a quicker sale for you.

Stronger promotion and property demonstration

One of a realtor’s main jobs is promotion. To do this effectively, Ben has to be able to write compelling copy that causes people to act.
He has been known to spend up to an hour writing a 5-line ad and many more hours preparing a multi-page promotional brochure that will help sell your house. In order to ensure the house is presented to its best advantage, Ben develops a professional multi-page brochure describing the features and benefits of your home for buyers and for cooperating agents to use while showing your property to their buyers.  It is the best in the industry.

Ben positions your home more strategically, which means more showings and potential offers and more dollars in your pocket.

  • Well written advertising can make a huge difference in the length of time it takes to sell a house and the price achieved.
    • Ben promotes the listing to our company sales staff – 58 in our office and provide your listing to over 16,000 of our agents in the country. We all work hard together to find a buyer for your home. We provide local, national and international exposure to the public.  Our company is the oldest, fastest growing and most respected real estate company in the country.
    • Ben advertises your property on numerous web sites.  The Royal LePage Internet site is one of the top real estate web sites in North America.  We also provide interactive street level mapping where a visitor to the site can see all schools, churches, daycare centers and parks close to the properties we are selling. The benefit to you is more buyers for your property.

Part of our proceeds go to support over 30,000 women and children in Canada through the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation.

You are provided with a personal guarantee of Ben Gauer’s services and an easy exit listing agreement.

  • The benefit to you is, while others may enforce the full term of the listing if you want to get out, with Ben, you are never stuck if you change your mind.
  • We work hard and handle any situation that may arise with mortgage specialists, appraisers, insurance underwriters, inspectors, purchasers, and other agents after an offer is accepted until the actual closing date.
  • The Atlas/Royal Lepage Van Lines President’s Gold Leaf Service.
  • Atlas Van Lines provide our customers with special V.I.P. treatment – a personal move coordinator, handpicked packers and drivers guaranteeing highest quality service, destination services and city information, special coupons and hotel and car rental discounts.

Market statistics and results. 

Would you agree that what you are looking for is more net dollars in your pocket from the sale of your home?  The accompanying graphs show you how important it is for you to choose the right agent.

FACT: The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board reports that on average 2/3 of the homes for sale are selling.

Here is what I have learned over the years.

It is not what Ben is going to do to get your home sold that matters to most of his clients. What matters to them is …does what Ben does actually work? Does it actually achieve the result you want?

We have put this historical information in a graph so it is easier for you to visualize .

This is a 47% difference!

Do you want to take the 1/3rd risk that your house will not sell?

Ben Gauer has substantially removed this risk.


First of all, one of Ben’s jobs is to enhance and increase the demand for your house over the competition in the market. One way to know if an agent is successful at accomplishing that is to compare the percentage of sold versus listings taken. Ben sold 97% of his listings compared to the Real Estate Board Statistic that 66% are selling.  This is a huge 47% difference! Everyone puts their home on the market expecting their home to sell. No one expects to be in the one-third. You now have a 97% certainty that Ben will sell the house for you.

How does this benefit you?

  • You can rest assured that our home selling system will get the job done for you. We have removed the risk that you will be in the one third that do not sell. So the question is, do you want to take the 33% chance that the house will not sell or the 97% that it will sell working with us?
  • Third, the last time we ran the numbers, the Real Estate Board statistic portrayed that it took an average of over 46 days to sell property. In comparison, Ben got the job done in 29 days on average. That is a 59% difference! The reduction of time on the market means increased activity and showings on your home, which means an increased probability of offers and good offers.


59% difference!

Save two and a half weeks of stress and having to keep your house clean!


How does this benefit you?

  • You save weeks of stress, problems, having to keep the house clean and having people come through your house. It saves you weeks of mortgage payments and you get to move more quickly and efficiently.
  • Fourth, when we are negotiating with a buyer, it is imperative that your agent can demonstrate the value of your property compared to the competition. It is clear that Ben has that skill given that his average selling price to list price is higher than the competition.  What this proves is it fundamentally matters whom you choose to represent your interests. If you list with Ben, you will get more money.

Proven results are what you want, not promises, right?
These results show that Ben Gauer & Associates are doing something right!.

When you work with Ben, you will be working with someone who is thorough and very attentive to detail – someone with whom you will feel confident in knowing that your best interests are always fully protected.

“If the top agents voted me as one of the top three agents in this market,
you can rest assured, you will be well taken care of.

I look forward to serving you.”
– Ben Gauer

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